Link Pebble wallet to your remote node!

Running your own node is both important and beneficial, it gives you better privacy and sovereignty which is what bitcoin is all about. With Pebble we allow you to link your wallet to your own LND or BTCPay server instance, effectively your mobile wallet will become a remote control for your node allowing you to have the power of a full node in your pocket at all times!

How to link with BTCPay server (LND)

BTCPay server is an awesome open source piece of software that allows you easily deploy your own full bitcoin and lightning node, as well as acting as a self hosted payment processor. We encourage users to run their own full node and give them the option in Pebble to connect to it. If you have BTCPay server or you are planning to deploy your own BTCPay server make sure to use/select LND (not c-lightning) during setup

1.) Find out more about BTCPay server here

2.) Find out how to deploy your own BTCPay server here

3.) Once your BTCPay server is setup and synced follow the steps below to link Pebble wallet to it!

1.) Login to your BTCPay server and navigate to "SERVER SETTINGS"

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 18.42.39.png

2.) Head over to "Services" and press "See information" next to "lnd-grpc"

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 18.42.53.png

3.) Press the "Show QR Code" button

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 18.43.08.png

4.) In Pebble wallet "Sign In" page head to "Link Node" and scan the QR Code

Screen Shot 2019-02-20 at 18.43.21.png
How to link with LND

This is a little more technical but if you are running your own instance of LND you can connect to it using the lndconnect tool found here

run the "lndconnect" command and scan the generated qrcode with pebble wallet, you can do this from the "sign in" page by pressing the "link node" button