Pebble is a bitcoin lightning network wallet with a focus on privacy and self sovereignty.
Pebble will feature a built in lightning node with client side filtering via neutrino and is powered by the LND lightning implementation, not sure what that means? no worries! but basically it protects your privacy and reduces trust on 3rd parties.


For now pebble has the ability to connect to your own remote LND or BTCPay server instance, allowing you to have the power of a full node with the convenience of a mobile wallet

The wallet features a built in lAPP browser so you can seamlessly make payments with web apps and our roadmap is focusing on optimization and compatibility with lightning network gaming SDKS and protocols.



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Try beta on Android here!


Built in LAPP browser

Play games and use LAPPs seamlessly with webLN directly in the wallet!


Local or Remote Wallet

With a built in Lightning Wallet you don't need to run or set up your own, but if you want to you can connect to your BTCPay or remote LND node

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Apps and Games integration

Featuring a built in webLN lAPP browser with Unity SDK integration coming soon allowing

micro-payments in 3D console quality titles.


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